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Late Shri Dilip Godha Set an ACSR Conductor manufacturing unit at Dewas in the year 1987 in the name of Dewas Conductor and run the same unit till 2002 very successfully. However on account of health he was not in position to control and supervise the same from Indore and finally production of the unit discontinued as son Mr. Dipesh Godha was minor at that time.

Then the unit was re set up at Indore in the year 2006. The unit was promoted by a partnership firm namely M/S Godha Cabcon & Insulation. Then partners were Mr. Dilip Godha, Mrs. Madhu Godha w/o Mr. Dilip Godha and Mr. Dipesh Godha s/o Mr. Dilip Godha. Unit started its production w.e.f.11th April 2007. All activities were looked after by Mr. Dipesh Godha under the guidance of Mr. Dilip Godha who was not able to look after day to day activity due to health issues. The firm was dissolved on account of death of Mr. Dilip Godha on 4th Dec 2008 and converted into proprietorship firm of Smt. Madhu Godha.

The firm has completed expansion program during last three years. The production capacity has been increased more than two times. The firm has also set up manufacturing plant of XLP Coated wire, a latest item with new technology in wire industry. Presently firm is manufacturing ACSR Conductor wire, stay wire, DPC wire and XLP Coated wire / Conductor.

At Present firm has the highest production capacity in Madhya Pradesh and also has latest machine having best technology.

The Management

Mr. Dipesh Godha

Mr. Dipesh Godha aged 33 years is young and dynamic person with business experience of more than 10 years. He has gained not only commercial experience but is equally capable to understand technical aspects of industry. The Firm has achieved manifold progress under his leadership. Mr. Dipesh Godha has modified machine design to achieve higher production at lower consumption of electricity and man power mainly based on his experience. Mr. Dipesh Godha is Chief executive officer of the firm looking after entire management including procurement, production, marketing and finance. His good networking, business and social relations and reputation have helped him to acquire the current position in the market. He is having good command in technical, financial and commercial fields. He has developed good connection in domestic market and with government departments/PSUs, which will help the company for speedy take off.

Mrs. Rupali Godha

Mrs. Rupali Godha, W/o Mr. Dipesh Godha aged 33 years is an Executive Director of the Company. She is a Commerce Graduate and has 5 years experience in various fields. She has contributed to the growth and expansion of the Company.

Mrs. Madhu Godha

Mrs. Madhu Godha, W/o Late Mr. Dilip Godha aged 62 years is a Women Director of the Company. She has contributed a lot to start this business initially with a proprietorship firm and later the same took the form of Company. With efforts of the Mrs. Madhu Devi Godha, today the Company has become the no.1 supplier of ACSR Conductor in the Madhya Pradesh.


To be the world class manufacturer of cable and conductor producing quality products for power transmission sector.


To provide world class quality product across the globe at competitive price.

Our Business and Presence

Godha Cabcon And Insulation Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of ACSR Conductor wire, AAAC Conductor. It has the highest production capacity in Madhya Pradesh and also have latest machine having best technology. We have our manufacturing unit located at the Industrial Area, Sanwer Road, Indore(M.P.). And we are supplying our products to the State Electricity Board of Jabalpur, Bhopal, Indore and currently in process of discussion with other state Electricity Board (like Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana) to be the approved vendor and in the row we are planning to be the best supplier all over India basis.

Other Staff

The company will also appoint other technical and experienced staff at different level of organization to add flexibility in operations. Thus, the management team will comprises of experienced person as well supported by professionals. They keep themselves in touch with latest development in the field and tune -up to cope -up with the challenges coming out of this business. Good management practices and internal control systems are already in place.

Code of Conduct